Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Total hair loss? No problem.

The scalp micropigmentation process is the replication of real shaven hair follicles, using tiny pigment deposits in the scalp. Unlike hair transplants, concealers, lotions and pills, scalp micropigmentation requires no remaining hair or ‘donor’ hair to produce a great result. This innovative hair loss treatment for men works even for clients with no hair left at all.

The best solution for modern men

If you’re losing your hair you’ve probably considered the alternatives, however hair transplant surgery, minoxidil lotions and DHT-blocking drugs simply don’t work for clients with little or no hair remaining. That leaves wearing a sweaty hair system, or choosing scalp micropigmentation, the modern and stylish treatment for men with moderate to advanced balding patterns.

Fast and safe treatment process

The scalp micropigmentation process typically requires 2-3 treatment sessions, each lasting around 2 hours, spaced about a week apart. This is to allow the pigments to ‘settle’ after each session for optimal results. There is no downtime, very little discomfort and the results are instantaneous.

Undetectable results

When applied by a skilled practitioner, scalp micropigmentation is flawless and virtually undetectable. We have many clients who choose not to tell their friends and co-workers, simply because they don’t have to! When your treatment with Scalp Studio is complete, you’re ready to go. Just shave and moisturise your head every couple of days, and enjoy your low maintenance, more youthful appearance.

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