Case Studies

Richard Beasley

Richard was 20 years old when his hair started thinning. Like many men who bald at a young age, Richard was often the subject of jokes and general banter from his friends about his hair loss, but after a while the jibes started to wear a little thin.

A classic candidate for scalp micropigmentation, Richard’s treatment was straightforward for our technician. He was classified as a 7 on the Norwood Hamilton scale for hair loss, meaning Richard had lost most of his hair with the classic ‘horseshoe’ pattern at the back and sides. His hair colour is light brown, and Richard has a fair complexion.

Our specialist Kevin Langley started by sketching out a new hairline for Richard. It took around 10 minutes to agree a hairline shape, style and position that would work best for him, and the micropigmentation process began.

These photos show Richard’s treatment after just one session. His second and third sessions will add further density and create a seamless transition from his real hair to his replicated hair follicles.

Jason Murray

Jason was promised the earth by a Harley Street hair transplant doctor, but his FUE surgery ultimately failed to deliver. Scalp micropigmentation has given Jason the look he wanted all along, for a fraction of the price of his surgical procedure.

Although popular, hair transplant surgery has serious limitations and only works well under certain circumstances. In Jason’s case, the amount of donor hair he needed for full coverage simply wasn’t available, so his results fell short of his expectations.

Jason was treated at our scalp micropigmentation clinic in St Helens, with a desired outcome that included the concealment of the hair transplant scars at the back of his head, and to restore the appearance of hair that he wanted all along.

After just one session, Jason is much happier with his new, more youthful appearance. Over the coming days his pigment deposits will shrink and lighten, with two more sessions scheduled to complete his look.

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